"It’s been a year and I feel like I still have so much to learn about her", said Brett O’connor. "She truly is my best friend". There is so much to say about this couple. Whether they are discussing their love for coffee roasting, or how much they love the Dallas Cowboys they always seem to make each other laugh.  I was honored to capture their life one year after they have gotten married.

When I was questioning them about their biggest impact on their first year of marriage, all I could do was smile because their answers were almost identical. “It’s a wonderful learning process” was the repeated statement by ashleigh O’ Connor. They currently reside in Waxahachie, Texas and both are working full-time. Ashleigh’s new job as an administrative assistant at a real estate firm has brought her great joy. Brett works as a media director at the local university and is loving his job as well.  ”Most people don’t understand my humor, but Brett totally gets me,” also mentioned by Mrs. O’connor.  

They are one of those couples that truly make you laugh at all times. After one year, they are still like giddy teenagers when around each other. It is totally refreshing.  Happy anniversary you two!